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Customized Bottle Cap Fish Orders

If you'd like a customized bottle cap fish, you can either:

1) Save your bottle caps by brand, colors and special memories, or

2) Specify which colors/theme you'd like me to design with my bottle caps.

3) I can invoice the costs and shipping through PayPal or Square.

Muskego, Wisconsin


About CAPtive Fish

I moved into a lake home and fell in love with boating, kayaking, swimming and fishing. I wanted a fun piece of lake home art in the house and I was inspired to make a bottle cap fish. I use recycled beer bottle caps with colors to match a room in the house, and was ‘hooked’ to make more. 

Friends, neighbors and co-workers saved all their bottle caps for me. I enjoy working with many beer brands and colors to create lake art for the inside of the house. I add jewelry, fishing lure parts, industrial parts and wire on each fish for personality. Buyers have hung the bottle cap fish in rec rooms, bedrooms and even living rooms. 

I have a B.S. degree in mechanical engineering and took additional college classes in architecture and art. I created 3D mixed media art with industrial materials and made furniture with recycled downhill skis and snowboards. I enjoy designing bottle cap fish the most and I love living in Wisconsin -- land of the lakes and fantastic beers.

Thank you for recycling your bottle caps to be transformed into a conversation piece of art. 

Curt Winter

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Warnings and Cautions:

The bottle cap fish art has sharp surfaces and must be handled with care to avoid accidentally injuring people, animals or property. It is recommended to hang the art on a wall inside a home. It is best to secure it through the wall surface into a home structure wall stud. Do not allow anyone to disturb the hanging art by contact, which could cause the art to fall, thereby potentially injuring people, animals and property. The art is for indoor use. Exterior rated bottle cap fish could be made by custom orders.

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The seller of this product is: Curt Winter

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